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Lyrical Combustion: The Mixtape

by Christopher Michael Jensen

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(Verse) Since the year 2K, been a hip hop fanatic, any classic, I have it, lots o' cash spent on rap shit, the mathematics of rappin' had me scratchin' my head, so I adapted to craft it myself, 'till I felt, I had it, to make it in this game, parlay it into fame, change it from the lame into creativeness again, I'm thrilled just to do this, but I wanna die as one of the illest producers like Dilla with lupus, my songs will live on, even though I'm killin' this music, I'm buildin' on skills that are as real as the truth is, 'cause, music today's fake like a silicone boob is, and blows like a nose that's filled up with mucus, instilled in the future's my place on a pedestal, 'cause I'm impeccable, with the intent to reinvent the whole hip hop scene, 'till they rip off me, leave 'em with a streak of defeats like Eric Bischoff's peak, look it up, yeah, I'm determined, learnin' from the words of all the persons that were first in line before me, mourning the passing of the legends, who rapped it with the essence of a classic when they said it, but I'm here to bring it back and push the envelope, with my stamp of approval and removal of the terrible, better go and brush up on your presentation, 'cause I'm like ventilation, when I air out from my chest and say things, no one's safe, I'm like an alien invasion, unveilin' shit to rail against those failin' us, to make them staple their traps, like a paper for class, proctologists acknowledge you're a pain in the ass, I've worked too hard to leave rap in shambles, but I'll put my chips up because crap's a gamble, it's all played out like a broken console, but I'll be screamin', for its redeemin' 'till I'm bleedin' from my throat and tonsils (Outro) J Dilla, rest in peace, what's up, everybody, my name, is Christopher, Michael Jensen, this is, Lyrical Combustion: The Mixtape, you haven't heard of me, you will, get ready, I'm comin'
(Verse) Let's go, yo, I got it down to a science, words are weapons, so let's stop the violence, 'cause emcees are like erections when they rap, actin' hard, and then they get jacked, I'm not a gangster when I spit words, the only slug I've ever felt was with Murs, but let it be known, that what you write is trite, I'll clobber an author, now that's what I call a writer's strike, you can say I don't got street credibility, but I do got beats and ability, I know who I am, and I know what I do, so I flow to a jam and explode like a nuke, when it comes to the truth, man, we sayin' it, makin' nonfiction cuts like DJ Eclipse, overcoming obstacles like parkour, to elevate my state in the art form, when I rap, I slam a track like a car door, with more spunk than Terry Funk, gettin' hardcore, words travel through space like prologues in Star Wars, rhymes centralize like bull's eyes on dartboards, that means they're focused, so don't approach this, 'cause I wrote this to blow kids out of the oceans, out of the water, with sounds that'll slaughter any dude in the mood to lose, 'cause I'm hotter, hotter than a model or Vida Guerra's bottom, got a problem, well, I know where you can stick it like Sodom, gettin' screwed over by what's rapped like a condom, you're droppin' off lists, while I'm in the top ten, but not them, no, they're a laughin' stock, while I stock up raps like rations and laugh 'em off, 'cause I got the goods, you all got a bad wrap, yeah, literally, throw the garbage in a trash bag
Cards 02:18
(Verse) I'm a bemused wordsmith, tryin' to figure out how to bring the sounds of the underground to the surface, but it's got me, remember when 2Pac talked about how a rose could grow from the concrete, well, if that's the case, then my sound clips should be able to raise from the pavement like Stephen Malkmus, and leave people enchanted, even when life feels slanted, off center and it's to the point that you can't stand it, ya can't flip, ya just gotta deal like casinos, and fight, and play the game 'till the cards are right, but at 21, I didn't feel like a winner, I felt held back and lost like a drifter, and tryin' to make good music is hard when you're confused with the world and your pride feels scarred, and your heart, is in twain like Samuel Clemens, and you feel like you just need a bandage to mend it, days spent lookin' for the answers to questions, but I apologize if my rhymes sound overly emotionalized, but things really sting like there's soap in my eyes, so I'm closin' 'em tight, and can't look in the face of the problems, without gettin' scared, feelin' impaired when tryin' to solve 'em, on and on they go, but I can't get off 'em, Barack Obama talked about the audacity of hope, but I don't know if I have the capacity to cope, or tenacity to float in this sea of despair, my mind's all messed, emotionally taxed like the I.R.S., feelin' stressed out, like A Tribe Called Quest and Faith Evans, faith gone, but I make heaven, here on Earth, without church, or a trained reverend, to bring about hip hop's rebirth like Ma$e Betha
(Verse) Jaded by the mainstream, most tracks pathetic, I'll write by candlelight and wax poetic, and I don't wanna work a nine to five, I'd rather listen to hip hop from '95, my heart's a printing press, ink flows through my veins, I melt down rocks, drip coal into flames, I view reality with an embryonic wonder, the true mentality that'll send me off to hunger and starve in the desert, a star in the center shines down, I'm just a spec that's caught in the specter, hoping for the fame, that holds me in the chains, the image is beautiful but supposedly inane, no compromisin' goals, all the while soaked in sweat, wakin' up in traumatizing modes, the gift was forsaken, misplaced in hatred, facin' turmoil while I sit in a basement, crude oil that was lifted and placed in a pump that sucks bucks, sift through and waste it, opportunities passed by, missed from complacence, fell asleep to avoid it, tricked by the Matrix, the force is weak, I travel to the dark side, distorted speech, I battle with a lost pride, life feels lamer than a paraplegic, I might feel greater if I dare to speak it, and rap it, and grab it before it breaks away, it's tragic when passion is torn and drained from brains, my mind is racing like a high speed chase, I try to change things but I might be late, too late, too much weight on my shoulders, my soul is cold as the lake when the temperature reaches subzero, but I just wanna be with my heroes, man
Life Goes On 03:20
(Intro) Yeah, you know when you're younger and, you think about the future and you, got like all these images of what things will be like when you're older, with all these dreams and like this idealized way of how things will be, and then, when you actually, you're actually living the future, everything just feels different, and you're just like, okay, now what do I do (Verse 1) Teen angst doesn't exist in your twenties, that's something else now that persists, and it's funny that inside a journal of clichés, dude, the only thing that sticks out are the words that we relate to, Wu-Tang asked can it all be so simple, when youth fades along with the pimples, and it's time to carry the big load on your shoulders, so to answer the question, I don't think so, I don't know, maybe I'm not ready for life, not ready to hold steady all the pettiest strife, and that may seem embarrassin' now, when you can never ever see a marriage or house, and not know what to do without your parents around, so while life is carefree, cherish it now, don't just sit around in disparage and pout, come up with your own plan and carry it out, because I know, man (Interlude) It brings ya down, man, to know that, life is so hard, so stressful, anxiety in everything you do, and you just wanna like, get out and make things happen, but you get depressed, and it makes it that much harder to do things on a daily basis, but it always seems like, that much further out of your reach even when you go after it, and you keep on making plans, but you always seem empty when you, put things into motion like, really, is this what it's gonna be like, so it's hard to, to figure things out, ya know (Verse 2) At the job interview, askin' me where I see myself in ten years, I don't know where I'll be in three, life feels harder than it needs to be, tryin' to tune it out, but can't find the frequency, not to sound corny, but life's like a maze, lookin' for the right passageways to pass the days, dead ends, extensions of debts, and friends in the past aren't around in the present, we all try to aspire to some kind of guideline of morals and teachin's, until we feel washed up like coral on beaches, short of achievements, it's like my voice has been silenced, feelin' hoarse and anemic, if I could escape through some sort o' portal and leave this, I would, and move forward to freedom, away from all these horrible feelin's I'm forced into dealin' with, and never make the same mistakes for historical reasons (Outro) Life isn't simple, but you can't ever give up, 'cause what's the alternative, man, like what else is there, ya know, things change but, you just gotta keep trying, grow up, and use what you figure out to your advantage and try to make things work, 'cause life goes on
Grab The Mic 02:30
(Intro) DJ Premier, yeah (Verse) I'm like Nas, 'cause Chris spits ether, kid, you couldn't hold a candle if it was a Christmas Eve service, 'cause when I go record it, the effect is similar to global warmin' with my vocals stormin', meltin' polar icecaps when I write raps, 'cause some say the sunrays are what my flow is like, yeah, I'm like the NES, 'cause I ain't any less classic, but your rhymes are crude like the NES graphics, fire breathin' lines I'm speakin', try to hide, but I'll reveal 'em, fry their minds, I'll dine and eat 'em, glide and slide with rhymes this sleek and smooth, ya lose, I grab the mic and I defeat 'em, freakin' beats with sheets o' speech and raps so tight that vises even can't compare, and I square, off against the populous and any man that dare, step in the arena like Guru and Premier, 'cause C.M.J. is the rap guru to revere, yeah, I'm liquid in the booth, and I'm sicker than the flu, cooler than a frigid Minnesota winter in a pool, the place where I'm from is safer than a vault, but on the microphone, it's a dangerous assault, because I learned from the best, hip hop is like the curve of a breast, makin' me creatively work and extend, no boundaries, I pass through walls like a ghostly soul, rules have no bearing, there's no control, sittin' on top in a golden throne, where I reside with my pride when I boast and gloat, like I'm a rappin' genius, I think outside the box, you stay inside the box like packin' peanuts, 'cause I'm not limited, I focus my brain like Ritalin to dream and conceive ideas I've envisioned in my head, until I'm dead, I'm out, peace to my brother Model Citizen
The Culture 01:41
(Verse) Late night, watchin' Conan, oh, yo, hey, man, Atmosphere's performin', independent hip hop gettin' more exposure, more people are startin' to understand the culture, lovin' it and all the things that come with it, and finally can imagine rappin' as more than killin', platinum grills, and mackin', pop radio monopolized the market, different kinds of rap weren't able to strike the target, and good artists started gettin' demolished, but when hip hop got ripped off, it regenerated like starfish, but it's been said, that hip hop is dead, well, if that's the case, then you know what's next, 'cause what's dead they bury underground, and that's where we are, so if you wanna see it, then come around, but as the landscape changes direction, then like Common Sense's second record you'll see a resurrection, and who would have thought, that way back in '74, when hip hop was born, it would grow and go on for this long and evolve into an international phenomenon, a fan base that numbers in the high millions, people everywhere that hold it up, like the five pillars, lyricism, turntablism, graffiti art, break dancin', beat boxin', and all the CD's bought are a testament to what it's meant and gives back, so rap's future is eminent, but it can't just stand still like a statue, it's gotta keep movin' and build like the ants do, so that's where we all have to play our position, because we're the ones that make it and listen, we have to band together to keep this thing strong, 'cause I don't wanna see the day when it's gone, it's hip hop
Weekends 01:29
(Verse) Nothin' more I hate than bein' bored on weekends, hopin' that someone calls me to do somethin' sort o' descent, then all of a sudden, the ring tone on my phone starts goin' off, so like DJ Kool I clear my throat and cough, say hello as I answer it, sure enough it's my man, Dan, yeah, and he says, hey, Chris, you wanna come over to my apartment and make jokes as we watch a random Steven Segal flick, sounds good, I say, grab my camera and keys, put on a jacket, walk out the door and I proceed, to get inside of my car and drive off bumpin' Jay's shit, listenin' to The Blueprint 2, it was underrated, get on the 212, en route to Eden Prairie, get off on the exit, headed to his place so we can carry out our plans, seein' where we go, after the movie, it's always different depending on the scenario, feelin' kind o' hungry this night, so we hit up a Denny's, spending long hours into the early morning, and then we, get the bill paid in full like the classic record be, and go back to the apartment so we can crash and get some sleep, wake up the next mornin' feelin' kind o' irked, 'cause I knew that day I had to spend most of my time at work, so I try to look forward to the next time that I have free, so I can come up with something again that makes me feel happy
Take Flight 02:23
(Verse) Like an A-bomb, my rap's packed with napalm, explosions blow when I make songs, I'm just a dude who's two planets removed from Mercury, but still hot enough to burn the beat, like molten lava, I'm submerged in the words when I turn out a verse and flow it like ocean water, comin' up, I studied rhyme techniques of the masters, writin', as I critiqued all the rappers, amazing cadences gave way to makin' hits that would probably sell well if labels paid for it, I'm gettin' older now and the wisdom is comin', it's either, diversify or just listen to nothin', words are gettin' painted over bass when the system is bumpin', tryin' to figure things out and not just live with assumptions, growth brings change like banks that break dollars, I gain knowledge like a university or state college, amongst these present day scholars, and constantly change topics as I state all this, life experience will change your world view, as you develop like a seed inside of a girl's womb, they may hate and say I got the heart of a heathen because I'm not the same person I was when I started emceein', but I'm full of the power, and rose like a flower when everything against me seemed to be pullin' me downward, B.I.G. said that the sky is the limit, so I live life to the fullest, 'cause I could die any minute, and take flight into the vast air like Cannibal Ox, and keep comin' up with lines that'll make their mandibles drop (Outro) Yeah, Christopher Michael Jensen, don't forget, wake up, the future is here
(Chorus) I'm searchin' for love, and I'm holdin' you up, I don't even know who you are, but you inspire my heart (Verse 1) I look at you like a landscape that is beautiful, so many things that I can't say in the studio, you make me think about all that is possible, but obstacles make it feel improbable, they say the eyes are the key to the soul, weIl, if that's the case, I have belief in the hope, that I can reach through and pull out the part of me that I see inside of you, and be proud with the power and pride of two, I wanna relate to someone that I know will get me, and won't sweat me like my old clothes from wrestling, someone that's fun and interesting, that'll stir things up like Nestle, the kind of woman where I could look into her eyes so friendly, and know that life is full of everything so rich, and start investing my time into the finer things if someone will let me (Chorus) (Verse 2) Her hypothetical beauty sparks fascination, way beyond sex and masturbation, captivation of my thoughts, I have to say it, a woman like this might only exist in imagination, assassination of my security has left me clingin' to the image of purity, like tyranny, ruling over my heart, poundin', turnin' my eyes into a fountain, thoughts of her skin, softer than silk gowns and lips speakin' words intellectually arousin', but until I reach that queen's palace, I'll prepare myself to be the best man I can, now then, let me focus on the issues that exist, and if and when love comes to me, I'm ready to kiss, but until then, the waitin' and mere taste for desire, helps to keep me stayin' inspired, come on (Chorus 2x)
The Author 01:40
(Verse) The author, the arbitrator of the pen, the things he writes, what he starts to make and where it ends, the imagery, conveyed through depicted speech, how the letters come together and the way the symbols speak, children being given books at younger ages, fascinated as they take it and thumb through pages, another world in the literary, from those considered fluff, to the ones that the critics carry, imagination is sparked like a flint, the ascertainment of hearts and what thinks, people lost in libraries, large and miniature, a book worm's soil, loyal to the literature, listenin' to poems that are written in tomes, incomplete at the writer's death or finished befo', the craft of the song, from the rap to the rock, the words chosen and how the passages talk, the verse, with its collection of rhymes, and the words, with the connection of lines, exciting to the virgin mind, exploration, read and taken in, segue way into meditation, to each his own, seek control, free the soul, relation to the statements that we see and hold, writings are left when the body decays, so the future has a record of what went on in our brains, and we all view differently the blots of ink, to each unique, when our thoughts we think, writing can express the most fervent of cries, to even highlighting all the random quirks in our lives, got respect for languages, in all of their mediums, whether scripts, blogs, novels, or speakin' 'em, and to sum it all up, I guess I'll leave ya with this, without words or writing, this wouldn't even exist
On The Rise 02:13
(Verse) Ladies and gentlemen, open your eyes, I'm on the rise like balloons let go in the skies, I used to write comic books, but now I write raps, I'm the out o' shape dude who really likes snacks, tryin' to lose calories, I finally got a salary, I'm workin' my way up, I'm strivin' for the galaxies, constellations form galactic pictures, I take a sip from the Dipper like a plastic fixture, I try to spark that brilliance like a flash of light, and when it comes I run to grab the mic, time keeps goin' like an H.G. Welles plot, and I keep growin', you can't make these cells stop, I scavenge for the meaning while my talents are increasing, I like to write content and battle when emceeing, stayin' up on digital media, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia, I surf the web so much I'm like cowabunga, so many pages I can't even count the number, but sometimes I'm just down and slumber, because I get bored like pounds o' lumber, dark days stay like clouds that cover, and I can't wait 'till I'm out above the place that I'm in now, I wonder where I'm headed, man, I hope it's better than the amount I'm under, if I had every single grain of sand, from the beaches and deserts and ancient lands, and placed 'em in an hourglass, and waited 'till the time had passed, I don't know if it would be enough to make my plans, but I just keep on hopin' and I keep on dreamin', 'till I reach my goals and get to free my demons, and I'm speakin' to the planet at large, 'cause I'm back with some raps that'll stand apart, original
Real Nice 02:11
(Verse 1) I write lyrics in braille so you can feel what I'm sayin', let it bump as the disc spins like a wheel when it's playin', my flow is gold, my rappin's platinum, my rhymin's diamond, but the cash ain't happenin', which must mean that I do it for the love, I stay sober, but the music is a drug, because hip hop is like Cupid with a gun, aimed right at me, shootin' at my lungs, so I breathe it all in like O2, hopin' that what I spit might go through, and find an audience, 'cause I'm on some other shit, but it's out of this world, so I'm like the mother ship, beamin' 'em up to it, probin' their minds, I'm a rapper, I'm an emcee, I'm a poet who rhymes, a lyricist whose spirit is exposed in his lines, I'm not a poser, I've been chosen with songs composed in my prime (Chorus) You know the game, man, this is the game plan, forget the race, man, I'm all about creatin', hip hop, nonstop, when I'm makin', somethin' hot, this is not for the fakes, man, this is real, guy, you know the deal, right, I make 'em feel like this shit's real nice, real nice (Verse 2) Because I, am, so excited, I've been known to write it in ash once the pencil's ignited, spittin' flames like a radioactive Godzilla, 'cause most radio rap is pop filler, but me, I'm rap's Mulder, the truth is out there to find in mass culture, hip hop has globalized, it's opened eyes, who knows what lies ahead before the finals act's over, but so many artists today deserve the fast forward, people can't wait until their rap's over, a bunch o' bad notes heard, those dudes are all the same, like a Jewish holiday, they get passed over, but if I can attain it, the blessed success of the famous, and make a break into the big time, I'll change it, for the better, forever, and never look back over my shoulder ever again, and catch what that hope's worth (Chorus) (Outro) Because I'm that good
Sideline 01:52
(Verse) This party is lame, but I think I say that most of the time, and it's not that I don't open my mind, it's that these people aren't interesting, and after a couple o' drinks, they still aren't interesting, I wouldn't have missed a thing if I hadn't shown up, some dude actin' obnoxious or a girl about to throw up, don't know what I expected, but I should just learn my lesson, 'cause I'm left at the party bored, like, yo, man, what's the hold up, you know what, the moment we rolled up, I hoped to meet someone that I could eventually go love, but no such luck, and I'm a grown up, and the older you get with no one, it's no fun, I used to get choked up, sittin' at home sucks when you feel so isolated all you can hear is your nose run, where are all the cool girls, the indie and hip hop ladies, the artsy types that I wouldn't mind dating, um, well, if you know where they're at, then call me, but, yeah, I'm sorry if I come off more than a little bit selective, not to mention, the fact that me, Christopher Jensen, am usually on the sideline playin' the benches, I never ever played my hand at chasin' girls, now I'm in a crazy world, lonely, hard to imagine romance and passion, let alone dates with girls, I'm not afraid to admit it, 'cause after penting up so much of this pain, I'm indifferent, I'm used to goin' solo, so I don't know, any other way, but I feel like I'm supposed to know, though, people live by whatever floats their rowboat, feelin' like an outsider to the show they promote, tryin' to make my own way and go for dolo, no way to end this verse, so I'll just close with no note
(Verse) I'm like a soldier, yeah, I could rap over field drums, but playin' Goldeneye's the only time I wield guns, so when you're out lookin' for the body armor, I'm killin' players off with this rocket launcher, and I'm strapped with a Nintendo Zapper, a flash o' light is blasted at ya, the controller, game's over, send 'em back to practice, I master tactics with the rappin' I'm enactin', passages on pads and paper, make a flow to battle crappy rappers, you're wack as expletive, no evidence to let you live, the message is as clear as the fear that you reflect to us, my excellence looks effortless, depression gets a sedative, the pessimistic feelin's are healed when I put a pen to this, the best there is, don't question it, Jensen's lips are venomous, consensus is unanimous, the answer was expected, if you really wanna step to this, study up on history, as I claim victory within the record biz, I'm set to win, a Minnesota classic like F. Scott Fitzgerald, who doesn't ever miss when he spits a Chris carol, like Eddie Guerrero when I'm makin' a splash, soak up success and bathe in it like takin' a bath, I'll take 'em to task, face 'em and laugh, break 'em in half, like Kat Kats, and spit raps, ain't no playin' with that, I'm destined to step in and fill up the CD racks, lyrics drop when I rock like the Roc did to Peedi Crakk, people are into my shit, like fecophiliacs, and become stunned when they come to see me rap, like they're catatonic, it's astronomic, the way I pack a wallop, take a canvas and splatter on it like Jackson Pollock, a lot o' fake G's wanna rhyme, but this is real hip hop, man, the lame need not apply, I hate these modern times and what passes as good, but I'ma innovate and also take rap back to its roots
Ear Candy 01:37
(Verse) I always need a lot o' gigabytes and more boxes for storage, with so many of my songs, need more cash to afford it, I'm always spendin' my time listenin' and findin' music, I love it so much, pretty obvious why I do it, each and everyday, in anyway that I can, iTunes, iPod, or a stereo blastin' jams, in the car, in my house, at the mall, and at school, on the block takin' a walk, man, it rules, straight spittin' or singin' or lip synchin' along, pop shit in my computer and I'm rippin' the songs, they say silence is golden, but I would barely know, 'cause the air around me's always filled with its share of notes, you can find me in the Fifth Element like Bruce Willis, gettin' independent albums and all the new ill discs, Electric Fetus got the eclectic features, so many rare albums there, the selection's genius, price-wise, Best Buy's name is usually dead on, but for variety, musically it's not, I hit up Cheapo a lot, but the name is ironic, 'cause new CD's there cost more than most places I shop in, thank God for the new arrivals section, but it takes so long to sort 'em through and find a record, mom and pop shops got what's now out o' stock at major retailers, so you can cop what used to be hot for a cost that's reduced, I'll take used over new if the price is right like Drew, the web's good for the obscure and out of print, find a bootleg or torrent and download it, which is cool, because it also saves me money, and I'm an addict whose gotta have it, an ear candy junkie, stores galore and digital spots I got, so much more to explore, so I'm off to shop, later
Sore Thumb 02:04
(Verse) I show off what I got like a dude on a runway might, when I spit the raw raw like two Monday nights, hip hop heads get labeled as degenerates like Triple H, well, I'ma take it to infinity, like a figure 8, that's sittin' sideways like Paul Wall, you're a hack like gettin' tricked on MySpace when logged off, remember when hip hop wasn't incredibly gimmicky, when the airwaves weren't infected with mimicry, when the lyrics were intellectually interesting, and it wasn't just about collectin' checks from the industry, when it's time to get down to work, I punch in with punch lines, but it's more like Punch-Out!! when I'm bringin' raps that'll knock out these little macs, the simple fact is that your tracks are really wack, you don't fit in just because you rock a fitted cap, or maybe you do fit in amongst the other wannabes, society's so artificial now, people move through it robotically, honestly, I'm probably, the only one stickin' out like a sore thumb, but thumbs up to those that are breakin' the monotony, too much copying, a bunch o' Kinko's employees, you're not the cream of the crop, you're measly soybeans, you people get eaten like Soylent Green, 'cause when it comes to spittin', I stay committed like loyalty, my best friend is music like Akir said, and we draw large crowds like a party with a beer keg, slain rappers get stuffed and mounted up like deer's heads, showin' off my accomplishments, demolishin' what my peers said, and I'm a purebred emcee, the kind that are hard to find, and I'ma spearhead a movement, the likes of which you've never seen, with music that'll last like an evergreen, yeah
(Verse 1) Radio K stickers dot my town, and I still see Brother Ali ones all around, photos and promos on telephone poles, fliers and advertisements in the wind blow slow, go into stores, swappin' loot for happiness, whether music or movies or food in packages, ear buds drown out sounds surrounding, MP3's shield me during outings, crowds in the thousands, walkin' around in a city of snowfall that's so tall it's astoundin', and Minnesota, the only place that I've seen, that can go from snow to 80 degrees in the length of a week and back to snow again, think I'll go ahead and keep my jacket out the closet and put my shorts on hold again, a hometown bulletin, this is where I'm from, Minneapolis, Minnesota, America, uh (Chorus) This is where I'm at, this is where I'm at, and this is where I came from, it's the place where I write, another day in the life, my thoughts, I just had to say some, yeah, this is where I'm at, this is where I'm at, and this is where I came from, it's the place where I write, another day in the life, a song, I just had to make one, uh (Verse 2) Gettin' off the bus, comin' back from school, kickin' through the slush in the afternoon, then I see a Subway, and that'll do, 'cause I didn't have lunch and I'm famished, dude, then it's back to the, solitude of my room to meditate like Buddha in front of a computer, log online and check my favorite pages, peruse the news and see what's the latest, and I'm so happy television's on DVD, so much more to pick and put, on my TV screen, watchin' season after season no matter the season's greeting, hibernating in the summer when school time is fleeting, not a care to be had and I'm laughin' and havin' the time of my life, put it in the rhymes that I write, sometimes the everyday things can be alright, I want more, but I'm still thankful for my life, 'cause (Chorus)
Come Of Age 02:21
(Verse) The youth feel trapped without havin' done a bid in prison, so they start talkin' like Rakim to let the rhythm hit 'em, the voice o' poetry opens the individualism, mixin' optimism with cynicism, knowledge transformed into wisdom, over time, as we open eyes, open minds, 'causin' polarizin' positions, which leads to indecision in a system which isn't forgivin', kids are singin', wishin' people would listen to their opinions, so many choices, voices lost in the hustle and bustle, it's a struggle to pop the bubble, and to think, when you were younger, bubbles are what you blew, parents are what you drew, now you feel constricted by the two, a victim of your youth, I remember growin' up, I felt if I was old enough, people would care a lot more about what I was holdin' up, like here it is, acknowledge it, as you come of age you feel caught within two sides of the pull like a moderate, the politics, the negative and the positive, the things your friends do and the way you wanna live, questionin' things like whether or not God exists, agnostic kids, pessimists and optimists, disagreements about morals and consequence, kids in colleges, activists and partiers, beers, choosin' careers, and lots o' things, it's a back and forth like bargainin', relationships can breed love fools like the Cardigans, when their heart has been targeted, screw it up and start again, move on in life, and revise your priorities, separate from those imposed by your authorities, so all the good times and the mistakes we live with, help us to grow and go make a difference, we all learn, man
It's A Trip 02:24
(Verse) An unseen dimension, I disappear into peace, and release tension like sex under sheets, the speech conveys emotional bliss and euphoria, spiritual extension, light fills my cornea, I'm flying weightlessly through a sacred scene, aches and pains decrease until I'm changed from me, into a sentient being, intellectual healing, the depth of the feeling is connected to dreaming, ingesting the streaming flows of this experience, curious, but approached with the utmost of fearlessness, tingling, sensations are riveting, tickling my consciousness, the best is still lingering, pulsating and throbbing, shaking and drawing from the pleasures of the heavens infiltrating my body, I'm more alive as the senses overload, explode, and overflow, and go beyond what I control, my soul is lifted, anxiety is drifted away, and I taste a mixture, a wave of information, ideas, and inspiration, my tears are from overwhelming happiness with sensation, freedom from monotonous prisons, the problems of livin' are gone when I drift into all my thoughts and my visions, I see freely, so release me, and I'll speak these treats over 3-D beats, coming alive, as the wonderful rhymes generate from my mental state, while I meditate under the skies, rise like the sun and run through the drums that beat like the pumping of the bloodstream that reaches my lungs, and my tongue activates and breaks through like a flood, I jump into the unknown, so I plunge and come to the conclusion when I'm done, it's a trip
(Verse) So many nights and days alone, just sittin' on my bed, writin' lyrics and makin' poems, hookin' up beats and creatin' songs with a sober look on my face, I have a face of stone like the Sphinx, I wanna get away and zone, but I'm pissed, 'cause I got no place to go, on the brink, of goin' insane, I don't wanna live all my life in the same place, ya know, I guess I'm just one of the lost youth, life is too short to try to do what I want to, but I feel like I've got to, and I walk through these places, chasin' what I thought I knew, but I guess it's just not true, that's why I had to leave it there, and keep it real, and try to make all of these wrongs good, killin' me softly, I'll put it in my song, and expire like a fire with its oxygen gone, shut my eyes and open them to paradise, hopin' that it can suffice, and grow into somethin' I might, hold onto for longer than my childhood, smile good and become stronger, than I thought I could, it'll never be the same, but I'm gettin' redundant, huh, and it stinks like it's pungent, overwhelmed at the helm in this hell that I've felt, and it feels like I just got kicked in the stomach, and the feeling keeps burnin', beneath my sternum, the heart's pumpin' but I'm numb and I feel nothin' like a virgin, untouched, with only love for myself, tissues bunched up from tears, wadded up on a shelf, a mission for ambition, but I'm in denial, like Egyptian swimmin', so I sit on it a while, 'cause it's never too late, as the old saying goes, I suppose, always hangin' onto hopes
(Verse) Yo, I inseminate a beat to give birth to a verse, like a crossword puzzle, on a search for the words, l just reach into the alphabet and speak until the sounds are meshed into a pleasin' sequence that I read when I expound a sentence, 'cause most rappers are cardboard with cookie cutter rhymes, while I mastered the art form and took it to the skies, like a plane with my brain in the game when I say and create all the phrases to make a hot track, and like a gun when it's cocked back, I drop raps that'll cause damage to competitors if ever they talk back, you couldn't top that, if you had a cherry and a top hat, so fall back, these days rap is a joke, it should be packaged and sold, in the comedy section at the back of the sto', 'cause emcees are jokers like Heath Ledger, but soon their careers will be dead like Heath Ledger's, I'm like Eddie Vedder with a jam that's a pearl, or a diamond when I'm rhymin' and shinin', for the whole world, the Earth is a stage, from thirteen of age, I've been workin' with purpose and courage to flourish and change, lyricism is a process of growth, the content and flows refined through time with the songs that you wrote, diversifying like civil rights in an office, to lyrically split your wig like Dwight from The Office, my style's hard to pick up like rice is with chopsticks, constantly changing as my writin's evolvin', I got the keys to success, like I'm a locksmith, kickin' your tail, my foot right in your coccyx, hey, yo, I'm just a man with somethin' to prove, and you, you're just a fan with nothin' to do, so messin' with Chris's art, isn't smart, you couldn't rock raps with a mic if your name was Linkin Park (Outro) Stupid punk, Neptunes, yeah
(Verse) I speak my mind on the mic like the Dixie Chicks, 'cause the truth ain't always sugary sweet like Pixie Sticks, throw a fist in the air like 60's kids, 'cause the revolution's comin' and it's gonna begin with this, conservatives and liberals trenched in their own politics, pickin' battles poorly and don't hit on what the problem is, hypocrites sittin' and bitchin' amongst constituents, gettin' riled up and start throwin' hissy fits, tryin' to solve new problems with outdated solutions, try something half-heartedly and then say that it's useless, progression is an ongoing step in a direction that never has an ending but only keeps on extending, the so-called pious are also filled with liars, using images of messiahs to liken what they do as righteous, the convictions of religions can overwrite logical decisions, the best intentions can be senseless missions, faith is translated to delusion, used in cases to create excuses, confusion runs wild, people are clueless of what really the truth is, different views which are in contradiction, complicatin' issues, 'cause the message is subjective, different conceptions beyond political correctness, varied perspectives, one person views something as literal and despicable, others view it as multidimensional and exceptional, yes or no, the answer is never ever simplistic, yo, just because you wish it so, doesn't change what it is but so many people get angry and lose the proper manner, and turn their biases and views to propaganda, ideas get distorted, levelheadedness aborted, assorted ranges of views are forced into different corners, and the media's lovin' it, the people discussin' it, and we all succumb to it, another piece of the puzzlement
(Verse) Internet escapist, pain is for the sadist, joy's for the boy or the girl who wants to take it, caught inside a web called the World Wide Web, accessed at a desk or while lyin' in a bed, people burnin' like a fire for their purpose and desire, migration through cyberspace is required, conveniences override the grievances, technology represents what genius is, the world's changed since we all got online, web-based communities have spawned with time, and your friends become different in the modern age, when you end up only bein' friends on a MySpace page, personal relations and intimate sex replaced with grainy videos and Internet text, which for many's still better than their empty alternative, thankful in life for their online services, access to millions of archives of hard drives has turned normal people into hackers part time, piracy happens so often, it's even more common than jaywalkin', messages sent to kids in bloggin', business models even followin' the trend to get on them, and spread through the social networks, the Internet's a rich tapestry that goes and festers, a new way to live and enrich one's life, you can shop and read and watch the screen and write, you can listen and chat, create a digital map, look up the most obscure and interesting facts, play games, make names, or vandalize, other pages, girls can have dates with random guys, and so much more, it's the future of existence, life goes on with computers at our fingers
(Intro) Let's have a good time (Chorus) Here we go now, lyrical style, bust raps over club tracks, stereo loud (Verse 1) People say club music's done to death, and that the content of it is substanceless, but if it's done well and you have fun with it, I put my hands together and applaud the success, bringin' dancin' to the game like D.D.R., out of breath in my chest, need CPR, people groovin' to the beat, movin' with their feet, dehydration got 'em pukin' in the streets, people jump up and down like Mario and Luigi when the DJ plays the audio from the CD, it's better goin' out when the cash isn't so tight with, money to spend, and you have it the whole night, girls lookin' good, they're the fashionable types, dudes get rowdy and the action provokes fights, but I ain't with that, I just rap when I hold mics, plug in the amps, man, while I bask in the strobe lights (Interlude 1) Nah, we're not done yet, we got one more verse to go through, everybody, come on (Chorus) (Verse 2) I ain't here to make up dance steps, but I will give it my all, pick my pace up and sweat, give my blood and my tears for what I hold dear, comin' this year with somethin' that's fierce, it's no wonder I'm here, doin' what I love and I cheer on and on and on and on, makin' songs that got what's not the regular bull s., stayin' strong through it all like I'm benchin' a full press, Jensen is focused, but I still got time to kick back, relax, and drink Dr. Pepper instead o' Jack or Jag, hope the bartender got pop on tap, 'cause I'ma need caffeine to keep up with all the tracks, so cock your hat, to the side and get low, like the price o' gas way befo' I drove, and make it a night to remember like Flair's retirement, and scream louder than anyone who dares to silence it (Interlude 2) Everybody, scream as loud as you can on this one, yeah (Chorus)
Ambush 'Em 01:43
(Verse) I throw salt on rappers that are covered in ice, so I can walk on 'em, with my Chucks or my Nikes, I stay fresher than Tupperware, emcees are unprepared, runnin' scared, just some slime buckets like Double Dare, you're Nickelodeon rap, like Romeo and his dad, you're not even deserving of the opening act, and this white's 'bout to blow like coke in a bag, and that's blow meanin' up, not blow meanin' bad, my tongue's like a gun, put a hole in your back, like a porpoise, fans clap like seals, but they'll be corpses, when my rap's revealed, like the Ark of the Covenant, I do it for the art and I'm lovin' it, but this ain't Raiders Of The Lost Ark, it's more like Al Quaida when the bombs spark, that means I drop bombs on stage, but you're mundane and lame, you just bomb on stage, you're like the reason that Saddam got hanged, you gas people on the mic, you fake, I give 'em the gas face like 3rd Base, because they're virgins to hip hop, man, they'll never make it past third base, rappers stay flowin' in the streets like Venice, but too many overbite, they should see a dentist, makin' music for the club, you're not even on the guest list, but Jensen's got you headin' for the exits, when Chris leaves the competition breathless, and ends this like credits, I'm better than the best is, so get ready for that next shit, and check this on my set list, spit it like a grandmaster so you get the message, so called professors, learn your lessons, I'm not a serial killer, I just eat rappers for breakfast, and ambush 'em like elections in Texas
Rat Race 02:48
(Verse) Some say the end is near, and if life's a rat race, then I'm the rat that was genetically engineered to last longer than the rest, an experiment gone wrong, but it was probably for the best, created in the confines of a great test tube, who found hip hop as a place to take refuge, whose skin was tougher than leather like Rubin produced him, finally able to break away, let loose, because I got a strong will like Phillip Bank's nephew, my country's actin' backwards like A.S.U., we'll never be saved, rescued, or delivered from this mess unless the message of change gets through, the world is despotic, under the control of the hypnotic, society's been adopted by the psychotic, the world at large is the product of a colonic, crises of the climate and violence in every continent, I don't trust politicians, I'm religiously weary, I don't think anyone can see through the mystery clearly, slowly as the globe peeks towards entropy, more and more I view the world existentially, morality debates, higher mortality rates, no one in reality's safe, each day's a challenge we face, political unrest, people miserable, upset, tryin' to live within their cynical subsets, I haven't given it up yet, but time's against me, talkin' to clocks in attempts to try to get free, lookin' at the hands of time flippin' me birds, growin' angrier without a thing to be heard, cries of anguish fall on the ears of the deaf, 'till I can't yell anymore, the sound of fear in my breath, so I rest, tired, hopin' for destiny, while the air expires, holdin' my chest, I weep
Therapy 02:30
(Verse 1) Death makes me a little uncomfortable, prayin' I don't see it 'till long after my nuptials, I hope somebody marries me before they bury me, disparaging thoughts I'm carrying, but this is my therapy, music, they say it's better than sex, and the stress has got me goin' up walls like Mega Man X, so I throw a track on and I let it commence, zonin' out, while emotions shroud my head, in my own world like The Science Of Sleep, it's like my own retreat, when I rhyme to a beat, while I'm tryin' to speak, on the future like an oracle, but human flesh conceals my mortal soul, but even if I could, do I dare to know, to see what's around the corner like a periscope, 'cause no one can ever truly know their destiny until they look back on their life and rest in peace (Interlude) Yes, indeed, what will be my legacy, I don't know, yeah (Verse 2) I'm fat and tubby, and my acne's ugly, and I don't know if women are attracted to me, but what is a person's relevance staked on, debated through the ages, hard to tell what our place on this plain of existence is, from the days of our innocence, to the aged and wrinkled skin, a rainbow filled with shades of grey, no rules upon which to play the game, I live for the cause, riskin' it all, sing to the stars, stay spittin' these bars, make a fist with my palm, and I'm liftin' it high, fight for my life and the things that I want, but though I strive for accolades, when I'm dead in the ground, I'll be alright without a medal or crown, as long as I'm remembered and my message is found, but I got time left, so I'm spendin' it now, come on (Outro) I gotta write the future now, man, no one else can
(Verse 1) Yeah, I'm indi like Harrison Ford, Chris's aim is like the Olympic games, here to carry the torch, American born, a Minnesotan like Josh Hartnett, tryin' to find my place in a lost market, chillin' with my friends downtown eatin' chicken wings, bounce into the club for the fun of the silly things, girls I see, get me goin' just a little bit, and I'm down for hip hop and the Internet, some tag buildings and write on walls made of bricks, me, I write on Facebook walls and tag people in pics, and kick flows like children playing on the ocean shore, gettin' deeper than the ocean floor, you know it's raw like O.D.B., I got the right stuff like N.K.O.T.B., musically obsessive like O.C.D., and at the end of the day, man, it's only me, so come and get it (Chorus 1) Yeah, you know what's up, Christopher Michael Jensen, you know what's up, my lyrics are never endin', you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, the Twin Cities takin' over, you know what's up, me and my brother told ya, yeah, you know what's up, you don't believe me, let me show ya, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up (Verse 2) Not everything is PC like a Pentium ad, writin' things that boil the blood with a pen and a pad, it's the 21st century, why do people still flip, I say erase the lines like Bill Hicks, no limits like Lenny Bruce, when we do, what we want, and that's my vow like a wedding groom, it's divine when the rhymes move past my Adam's apple, rippin' the curtain for certain in your tabernacle, see, we're gods on the mic, so they need the church to market us, sprayin' flows on beats like vegetable gardeners, some are successful and make a mill, others do even better and they make a bill, but I wanna stay as real as Bun B when it comes to money and make a trill, so everyday until I'm six underground like the Sneaker Pimps song, I'ma throw it all at the wall and make it stick on, no doubt about it (Chorus 2) Yeah, you know what's up, I put it down for the people, you know what's up, to my friends and family, yo, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, every color and creed, yeah, you know what's up, to the people overseas, you know what's up, north, south, west, east, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up (Verse 3) I went through a long period of writer's block, the mic was dropped, and it screwed up my rhymes like Michael Watts, but I started to type a lot and found my stride again, now I'm better than ever as I set my eyes on top, see, I was formed and born inside the uterus walls, to speak and seek out the truth of it all, talkin' and walkin' through a big hall, towards a light that's bright as the music biz falls, but it's a new era, and I'm anxious as hell, to kick my foot in the door, so I can break in and sell, it's the lyrical wordsmith, with twists and loops to what I write like cursive, with urges to hang around women likes purses, and I'm still unfulfilled, but I keep searchin', yeah, I talk a lot, but what I got to say, always makes me feel better with the songs I make, so I'm tellin' you (Chorus 3) Yeah, you know what's up, in the name of creativity, you know what's up, over this or a different beat, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, raise up your cell phone, yeah, you know what's up, am I gonna stop, hell no, you know what's up, one last time, bellow, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up, yeah, you know what's up
(Verse 1) The world can be ugly, starvation, unrest, and some stop, love lost, hearts breaking in chests, vehicles crashing, cars flaming in wrecks, long bouts of sadness, hard days that depress, the persecuted forced into living a lie, children that cry, victims of crime, the sick that will die, bad economy, the poverty, the men and women that try, but fail 'cause they're short of resources the system deprives, racism, hatred, and prejudice, challenging brutality and vengefulness, problems with intolerance and threats of death, all the, horrors of war and the senselessness, yes, I guess, we just gotta press through it all, see beyond the hardships and find the beautiful, the world can be ugly, I'm sayin' it twice, but past the darkness is our day in the light, come on (Verse 2) The world can be beautiful, the prosperity and the peace, towns where we can walk merrily through the streets, children laughin', people filled with action, unity amongst communities, goodwill, compassion, and harmony, along with nature bloomin', without environmental dangers or great pollution, people sharing in wealth, taking care of themselves, without diseases, or scares to their health, the sisterhood and the brotherhood, the touching of lives, husbands and wives kiss and hug because love is good, no one misunderstood, everybody accepted, freedom for all, and human rights protected, beauty, in the beholder's vision, so what one sees can be the vision of the whole existence, putting the ugliness aside, 'cause as bad as things can be, we can raise the loveliness as high (Outro) Yeah, thanks for listenin', everybody, Christopher Michael Jensen, peace and love, I'm out


Lyrical Combustion: The Mixtape is a collection of lo-fi recordings over a range of classic beats and personal favorites from hip hop's mainstream and underground, displaying Chris's raw talent and lyricism throughout as he spits rhymes about a variety of topics and subject matter.


released March 31, 2009

All songs written and performed by Christopher Michael Jensen.


all rights reserved



Christopher Michael Jensen Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis hip hop...and I don't stop.

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